Emergency Diagnosis Interpreter

Emergency Diagnosis Interpreter

Welcome to the Emergency Diagnosis Interpreter. To use the tool, all you need to do is select your language and the language that is spoken by the medical professional. The tool is designed to be used when talking to a medical professional, where you can show your responses on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone device. If in an emergency, you can quickly jump to any section, by selecting the appropriate option below.

Please note: All of the languages and terms featured within the Gayther Diagnosis Interpreter (GDI) are based on literal translations and have not been validated or verified. The GDI is provided free of charge and you by using the tools, resources or editions, you are accepting that you are doing so at your own risk

IMPORTANT: The EDI DOES NOT store any of your information, and if you refresh the page you will lose any of the selections you have previously made



Begin by selecting your chosen language and the language that is spoken by your medical professional

Your Language

Medical Professional Language


To be used if you are seeking medical help

Need - Emergency Treatment

Need - Doctor

Need - Treatment

Need - Hospital


To be used if you have specific requirements that you wish to inform the medical professional about

Requirements - Blind

Requirements - Deaf

Requirements - Mute

Requirements - Not Applicable


To be used if you have specific allergies – allergies are essential especially when it comes to diagnosis and any subsequent treatment

Allergies - Penicillin

Allergies - Aspirin

Allergies - Chemical

Allergies - Pollen

Allergies - Dust

Allergies - Mould

Allergies - Animals

Allergies - Fish

Allergies - Dairy

Allergies - Nuts

Allergies - Bite

Allergies - Sting


To be used if you have a pre-existing condition, whether recent or in the past. It is crucial during diagnosis for the medical professional to be made aware of any pre-existing conditions you may have as it will have an impact in any treatment you may receive

Preexisting - Cancer

Preexisting - Diabetes

Preexisting - Leukaemia