Gayther Diagnosis Interpreter (GDI)

When seeking medical help, receiving treatment or in the event of an emergency, communicating your current state of health, allergies and pre-existing medical conditions quickly to a health professional is critical. The problem is worsened when travelling and speaking to non-native English speakers, who might struggle with what is being explained to them…this is why we created the Gayther Diagnosis Interpreter (GDI)

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A successful diagnosis typically requires three elements of crucial information: –

  • Details of any pains, conditions or symptoms you have been experiencing, effectively the number, what hurts, where and for how long
  • Any medications you have already taken and how long ago
  • Any allergies, pre-existing conditions and important information about you to help with the diagnosis and treatment

How to use the online interpreter

Step 1 – Go to the Emergency Diagnosis Interpreter page

Step 2 – Start at the top of the page, if you urgently need a specific section you can jump to it quickly by using the quick links found at the top of the page

Step 3 – Select your chosen language, and the language understood by the medical professional

Step 4 – Begin and follow each of the stops, highlighting and selecting all of the relevant sections/areas

Homepage - Travel
  • In 2018, there were 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide
  • Estimated serious injuries and fatalities around the world while travelling: –
    • 80% of cases related to natural causes (such as heart problems)
    • 18% from road accidents
    • Around 2% related to infectious diseases
  • Diarrhoea is the most common travel-related symptom experienced, followed by skin disorders (sun, heat, humidity and insect bites) and insect-borne fevers
  • Of the estimated 7.5 billion people living around the world, 20% speak English (1.5 billion), with 5% speaking English as their first language
  • That means that 80% do not speak or understand English

That is why communicating how you are feeling quickly and accurately is crucial in an emergency

Thank You

To all of the medical professionals around the world, thank you. Thank you for spending years becoming the specialists that you are, the people that are there, and who save us when we are scared and in our darkest hour. Thank you for spending the majority of your day, ensuring we are all safe and healthy. You make whomever you are treating your number one priority and something that is just another day to you means everything to the people you have saved. No amount of money or praise can ever truly acknowledge what you do for us all…, but from the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU

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